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My services aim is to give you the tools to rediscover your hope for the future. 

One on One Appointments

My one on one hour-long online appointment aims to work towards you understanding your behaviours, thoughts, and emotions and how to channel your life in a direction that reduces suffering and leaves you feeling capable of having a life worth living.

Most importantly, I will treat you as a person – not as a patient. I work alongside my clients, coaching them through the difficulties in their lives. I hold my clients as the experts in their experience and I’m the expert in the therapy – together we work as a team. I acknowledge that people are doing the best that they can and at the same time acknowledge that most people want to do better. You wouldn’t be reading this, otherwise right?

DBT informed Skills GRoup

Do you find it hard to tolerate your distress?

Do you find it difficult to manage negative emotions?

Do you struggle to build and maintain relationships?

Do you struggle with self-harm or suicidal thoughts?


​I provide DBT based skills groups that will teach you skills so that you can:

  • Have better focus and control over your thoughts

  • Tolerate distress, without acting impulsively or acting in ways that will make the situation worse

  • Regulate how you feel – including learning ways to reduce your vulnerability to feeling negative emotions and having more control over what you feel and when

  • Assert your opinion, ask for what you need and say no to unwanted requests effectively

  • Walk the middle path and increase communication between teens and parents (for multi-family DBT based groups)


The DBT based skills group will run virtually for 12 weeks. There will be 3, 4-week modules.

  • Mindfulness

  • Distress tolerance

  • Emotion regulation

  • Interpersonal effectiveness


I provide DBT based groups for adults and for teens and their parents.

Managing your emotions 

This group is a 6-week course, run over 2-hours, delivered virtually, designed to focus on building skills for understanding and managing emotion. Attendees will learn:

  • What the primary emotions are and what good do they do for us?

  • What are the components of an emotion including a model for understanding and describing emotions 

  • Skills to better manage emotions, reduce the intensity and frequency of emotion and skill to increase joy and happiness. 

comprehensive young person & Family DBT

Living Well - A Comprehensive Young Person and Family online DBT program 


Living well is a 24-week comprehensive DBT program, delivered  virtually, designed to support young people and their families who struggle with the following:

  • Self-awareness and focusing attention

  • Understanding emotions, experiencing strong and frequent mood changes and difficulties managing emotions

  • Acting impulsively

  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships

  • Conflict and effective communcaition between young poeple and their family

Living well will run over 24 weeks. The skills group component is run over 4, 6-week modules. Modules will be broken into the below sills:

  • Mindfulness

  • Distress tolerence

  • Emotion regulation

  • Interpersonal effectiveness; and

  • Walking the middle path

Group sessions - The young person and their family member will attend a virtual, 2 hr 30 min skills group. Skills group is like a class room where DBT skills are taught and workshopped


Individual sessions - The young person will attend weekly, 1-hr virtual DBT sessions. This is where skills will be refined and generalised and tailored to the young person, includes phone coaching

Phone coaching - Accessibility to phone coaching during the program to support the use of skills in the persons environment

Family sessions - Parents will attend one, virtual parent only session each module, to support parents to best coach their young person through the program

Parent only session - During the first week of each module, parents will attend a parent only, virtual group. This will serve as a support group for parents involved in the program

Consultation group - Weekly peer support for DBT therapists.

NOTE: Prior to being accepted into the program, all referrals will be accessed for suitability and attend 4 pre-commitment sessions with their individual therapist. After this phase has been completed, if suitable and committed the young person and their family member will commence the full program as per the above.

Cost of Service

Standard Consultation 


$195 per 50-60-minute session 

*with a mental health care plan, you can claim a Medicare rebate for sessions under a mental health care plan. You must provide me with your medicare card and care plan if eligible, for this to be processed. Enquire to discuss further.


**Enquire about small gap paying eligibility.

Living Well Young Person and Family DBT program

Fee's are $3,000 per module, paid in full fourteen days prior to the commencement date of each module (this cost is inclusive of all components noted above - excluding pre-commitment). 


DBT Skills Group only 

This is an abridged 12-week DBT skills group only, for adults. 


$750 paid fourteen days prior to the commencement date of the first module

Managing Emotions Group


This is brief group program, based on the DBT emotion regulation module. 


$500 paid fourteen days prior to the commencement date of the group (equates to $84 per session).


National Disability Insurance Scheme

As per the current price list from the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

*I am only able to provide support to those registered for self or plan managed funding.

Registration Number: PSY0001814711

ABN: 42 373 289 011

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